People are hurting. I know what the global economic collapse has done to every household, every family, every business, large and small. I see it every day in the faces of the people I meet and the stories I hear in every corner of the Commonwealth.

Some candidates choose to sit on the sidelines and do little, and only speak up when politically convenient. I believe we can and must do everything we can to shape our future. And while I still have work to do, we are making progress.

Independent economists report that our economy is growing at twice the rate of the rest of the nation and that we are coming out of the recession faster and stronger than the rest of the country. We added nearly 60,000 private sector jobs in the last six months alone. Those jobs are coming in the innovation industries and related manufacturing, because those are the unique strengths we have in Massachusetts.


Investing in our broken and neglected infrastructure has also created jobs, as well as better public safety, better quality of life and a better platform for future economic growth. We owe it to every one of our residents to keep fighting for every job and continue to make the investments that strengthen our economy now and over the long term.

We also lead the nation in extending health care to over 97 percent of our residents. And we have reduced health insurance premiums for small businesses and working families.

My opponents in this race are good people, but we have fundamentally different values and a fundamentally different approach to building a stronger Commonwealth. I believe that it is up to each and every one of us, in our time, to leave this Commonwealth better than we found it — and that government has a role to play in helping us do that. They think that every one of us is on his or her own, and oppose every single strategy that has produced our nation-leading progress. Every single one.

We cannot sit back and let the future happen to us. I hope you will stay informed and join us in the coming weeks and months as we continue to fight to finish what we started.

– Deval Patrick is the Democratic incumbent governor of Massachusetts.

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