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Welcome back, Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook mogul visits Harvard, MIT

The Hub might become home to a Facebook satellite office.

The Hub might become home to a Facebook satellite office.

Founder Mark Zuckerberg said there are no immediate plans to build a Boston branch, but he was hopeful it would happen at “some point soon.”

“We are just getting started,” he said at Harvard University yesterday, before meeting with more than 200 students about fellowship opportunities at the company’s California headquarters.

The media mogul’s return to the area was his first official visit since he dropped out of Harvard in 2004. He also stopped at MIT to recruit students.

The trip came on the heels of his recent comments that if he could start Facebook all over he would have stayed in Boston.

“I think people move because they feel like [California] is where they have to be,” said Zuckerberg. “But there is more than one place to build companies.”

Harvard students said they felt inspired Zuckerberg’s speech.

“He wasn’t the most eloquent speaker, but he has a way of talking that is very down to earth,” said Ling Lin, 21, adding Zuckerberg told students to “do something valuable for society and meaningful to them” when pursuing goals.

Harvard senior Arian Razzaghi said the speech was inspiring and insightful. “He talked a lot about having passion and being motivated,” he said.

Chicken Man flaps his wings

While Zuckerberg tried to poach potential student employees, Chris Bock sat inside his see-through truck wearing a hat with two chickens on it. Bock was waiting for the Facebook CEO so he could ask him for a job.

“Hiring me would be the best decision of his life,” said Bock.

Known as “The Chicken Man,” Bock said he sells poultry at wholesale.

He sat outside for hours waiting for Zuckerberg with a message posted on the side of the truck that said “Mark, my bags are packed and I’m ready to go.”

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