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Wet and wild: Woman tries to use subway car as 'Slip 'N Slide' (VIDEO, .GIFs)

Let the good times roll.

There are plenty of strange things you'll see while riding the subway in New York City and this short clip should be filed under: "Only in New York."

To add to the long list of weirdness on the MTA, a woman had a grand idea to get wet and wild on an empty subway car and turn it into a water park.

An unidentified Q-Train rider coming from Coney Island decided to pour water on herself (and the floor) to create a virtual Slip-n-Slide. Her attempt at sliding across the floor was a failure, but she definitely seems to be in good spirits as she waddles across the floor of the empty Q-train.


Tip: If you plan on trying something like this, you may find more success if you use a few gallons of lubricant. Just saying.

The video was uploaded by Eddie Going, a native New Yorker who also has a subway blog, goingwitheddie.com.

Get ready...

q train slip n slide crazy lady nyc

Get set...

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