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Who’s your daddy? Easy way to find out

Proving paternity now costs just a swab of saliva and $29.99.

Proving paternity now costs just a swab of saliva and $29.99.

Duane Reade started exclusively selling DNA kits in New York state on Monday, the first time paternity can be proven with the help of NYC drugstores. Previously, those looking to do a paternity test had to visit a DNA testing lab and submit swabs.

While Duane Reade wouldn’t disclose whether kits were flying off the shelves, the idea is a popular one: CVS will begin selling the same kit, manufactured by Salt Lake City-based company Identigene, after Feb. 25, a spokesman told Metro. Identigene has tested 350,000 people with the kits nationally since its release two years ago.

Paternity seekers can stop into any Duane Reade to buy the kit, which includes three swabs to swipe saliva from the mother’s and child’s cheeks, and the potential father’s as well. If the
alleged father isn’t available, the kit suggests sending samples from a sibling or parent.

After mailing the swabs to a lab, along with three physical descriptions and consent signatures, the results are typically in three days later, the company’s website promises. While the kit is inexpensive, the lab fee will set you back an extra $149.

Under state law, buyers still need a physician or an attorney to authorize the test, said Health Department spokesman Pete Constantakes. Duane Reade employees can sign as required witnesses.

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