It's hard being a commuter! You have to deal with crowded cars, insane delays and the embarrassment of not knowing whether or not you should give up your seat to someone! We can't help with the first two, but we've finally got a solution to the third. Introducing: The Official Public Transit Seat-Giving-Up Hierarchy.

How does it work? It's simple: Merely find on the list the category you fall into. Any time you are sitting in a crowded bus or car and see someone standing, check the hierarchy to see if they are in a category above or below you. If they're above, give up your seat; if they're below, let 'em stand!

Needing a Seating

• Disabled elderly person

• Elderly woman carrying bags

• Elderly woman without bags

• Disabled person

• Pregnant woman

• Elderly man carrying bags

• Elderly man without bags

• Middle-aged woman carrying bags

• Middle-aged woman without bags

• Young-ish woman carrying bags

• Middle aged man carrying bags

• Child under 10 (any gender)

• Young-ish woman without bags

• Middle-aged man without bags

• Tween (any gender)

• Young-ish man carrying bags

• Young-ish man without bags

• Teenager (any gender)

Planning on Standing

Try it out today!

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