A play about gay dolphins riding the Blue Line to the aquarium for a date isn’t easy to top, so writer/actor Rick Park was a little relieved when “The T Plays” didn’t return to the Factory Theater in the South End last year. But this year, the Mill 6 Collaborative found space again to run the sketch show in which writers have to complete their script during a round trip on a randomly drawn T line.

“It’s a weird anomaly, it was one of the first plays I ever had published and it made me a lot of money in festivals, I won four or five festivals,” Park said. “It’s hard to try to top it.”

Artistic Director John Edward O’Brien said the 2008 play was a last-minute solution when the lead of another play for which they were rehearsing had a family emergency:?“It had been something we had talked about doing for a while,” O’Brien said. “It intrigued us and scared us. … It was kind of like ‘If we want to do it, this is the time to do it.’”


This year the play is back by popular demand and fans shouldn’t be disappointed by Park’s play about two South Boston townies riding the Red Line.

“The conductor’s voice changes to a deep Barry White voice and a disco ball drops,” he hints.

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