A flock of Staten Island turkeys might soon find out their fate.

The rafter of turkeys blocks streets and wrecks lawns, Ocean Breeze residents say. Now, the state is listening — the Department of Environmental Conservation will survey residents to decide where the turkeys will waddle next.

“We’ve seen turkeys everywhere down here,” said North Shore resident Lisa Crosby. The birds, descendants of pets let loose by one resident a decade ago, reportedly number more than 100.

The survey presents three options: Let them stay, push them elsewhere or have them harvested.
Officials say the results likely won’t come before Thursday — saving the turkeys from the axe at least for the imminent holiday.

At least two Staten Island residents have offered to house the turkeys at upstate homes, but officials say that only moves the problem.

If they stay, a fence might do the trick, said Richard Gentles, spokesman for the city’s Animal Care and Control. “With most wildlife, if there’s not a place for them to nest or sleep or there’s no food, they’re not going to want to stay,” he says.

Relocation is harder at this stage — the state hasn’t found a facility willing or able to take the fowl. After finding a new home, workers would then trap, test and transport the turkeys.

SI?Zoo: No holiday animals

The Staten Island Zoo’s not an option — they can’t house all random animals in the borough, said spokeswoman MaryLee Montalvo. “Every Easter, we’d get tons of bunnies,” she said. “It’s the same type of thing.”