doctor testing blood pressure Credit: Metro File

An ROTC cadet has reportedly been struck ill by meningitis at Widener University, in the weeks after a Drexel student and Princeton student died from the illness.

That student is reportedly being treated at a hospital, and has viral meningitis, school administrators said, according to the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Stephanie Ross, 19, a sophomore at Drexel University studying engineering, died earlier this month after falling ill to a unique strain of bacterial meningitis.


The same strain killed a student at Princeton University a month earlier. Ross reportedly got ill days after seeing Princeton students visiting Philadelphia for a party.

While most schools require vaccinations against meningitis, this particular strain is not protected against by the vaccine, Judith A. O’Donnell, chief of infectious diseases at Penn-Presbyterian Medical Center, previously told Metro.

There are no other reported cases of meningitis at Widener University, according to a memo sent out by university officials.

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