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Will a public market be the one to make it?

Plans for indoor vendors forge on despite recently shelved Greenway proposals. Year-round market with local foods could open by 2012.

The Big Dig is buried, the Greenway is green; but development still hasn’t sprouted along the old elevated highway’s shadow. And with four Greenway projects already shelved — including the YMCA last week — the proposed indoor public market could be the area’s best hope.

“Because of the Y pulling out, there is a need to try to get other potential projects done as urgently as possible — not that it wasn’t the case before,” said State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz, noting that unlike the shelved projects, the proposed public market doesn’t have to be built from scratch.

Partially state-funded, the 27,000 square foot market will showcase local foods and vendors on the ground floor of a parking garage near Haymarket.

“Hopefully this is the beginning of another landmark project,” said project consultant David O’Neil, who previously ran Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal.

“This thing is in an excellent location, a lot of people and money are around it. We’re not concerned about long-term finances. It can support itself quite well.”

Haymarket Pizza owner, Al Sciola, is more skeptical.

“It would be good for me because it would bring more people,” he said. “But a market needs people to support it, and there’s not that many people around in the winter. I just don’t see that happening.”

After a State House forum for potential vendors on Thursday, Leigh Foster of Jamaica Plain-based Nella Pasta disagreed.

“It will bring more people to the area to support local agriculture,” Foster, 25, said. “It will put Boston on the map of being a food city.”

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