An 11-year-old Bronx girl hung herself in her bedroom on Monday, according to the New York Daily News, after sending out desperate text messages to her friends.

Wilnery Polanco-Uben was discovered by her cousin after she skipped school on Monday and went missing. Her family looked everywhere for her that day, even inside her bedroom, but the young girl's body was hanging, unnoticed, behind the door.

It wasn't until a cousin went into the girl's bedroom a second time that Polanco-Uben was discovered.

A neighbor told the Daily News the girl's mother ran out of the house in hysterics, screaming "My daughter is choking. Help! Help!"


The mother was so upset she had to be taken away by ambulance for treatment at Bronx Lebanon Hospital.

Police confirmed that they were called to the house Monday for the death, but the Medical Examiner's Office has to finish its examination before it can officially be ruled a suicide.

The paper also reported the girl sent out distraught text messages just hours before her death, telling her friends she was thinking about suicide.

She “wasn’t happy with her life and talked about hating the way things were going in her life,” said one person.

The girl attended Intermediate School 98 in the Bronx, and several students stopped by the family's house to tell them she had threatened to kill herself on that Monday, according to the Daily News. Administrators at the school said they had no idea about the text messages, and they don't think Wilnery had been bullied. In fact, she was remembered as a happy, laughing girl.

Grief counselors are at the school today.

Suicide rare at such a young age

The Daily News cited data from the Centers for Disease Control, that shows that fewer than one in 100,000 children ages 10-14 commit suicide. But that number rises sharply as teens get older.

Wilnery's death recalls the suicide of a Staten Island teen earlier this year. Amanda Cummings, just 15 years old, jumped in front of a bus in December and succumbed to her injuries in January. The police ruled it a suicide and her family speculated that bullying from girls in her class drove her to her death. No charges were ever filed in her death.

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