There’s not too much green at the pro shop at the TD Garden these days.

Between winning the Stanley Cup and the possibility that the parquet floor will remain boxed up due to a lockout, black and gold have taken over.

A steady stream of fans clutching Bruins clothing and banners circled the aisles of the pro shop yesterday ahead of tonight’s season opener.

But whether the hype surrounding the start of the season for the Stanley Cup champion Bruins will make up for the potential erasing of Celtics home games remains to be seen.


However there’s still optimism in and around the Garden.

“We’re trying to stay positive,” Kristin Morrissey, a manager of the Boston Beer Works on Canal Street, said when asked about the potential lack of a basketball season. “Especially with the Bruins coming off of the Stanley Cup win, we’re hopeful that’ll make up for it.”

Garden officials are keeping their fingers crossed as well, and a spokeswoman for the Garden said they “remain optimistic” the NBA season will stay intact.

Steve McGregory of Canton was one of the fans at the pro shop yesterday buying Bruins items. He said he believes the possible loss of the basketball season is dangerous.

“You don’t want to see the pros go through this stuff. There’s no winners in any of these contract disputes,” he said.

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