Kim Costa getting Boston students told. Photo: Facebook. Kim Costa getting Boston students told. Photo: Facebook.

One Medford woman's seething online rant is gaining viral notoriety online from those who either agree or are disgusted with her message to Boston collegians: "Nobody likes you."

Facebook user Kim Costa spends the duration of the minute-long rant putting her Boston accent and NSFW vocabulary to good use.


“Real quick reminder to all the college students that are coming back to Boston to further their higher education," Costa begins. “This is really important. This is something you are going to carry with you throughout your entire academic career in the 617 area code: Nobody likes you.”

"You're a visitor here. An interlopah, alright? So I want you to keep that in mind while you're struttin' through the crosswalk in Hahvid Square wearing your pink popped collar and your f--ing Banana Republic date-rape slacks," she continues.

Costa even takes a few swipes at the towns of Concord and Lexington, saying Boston college students will likely end up living there with their recycling with their kids - who everyone will also dislike.

The video was uploaded on Sept. 2, and has since been shared more than 4,120 times. Costa didn’t immediately respond to a message seeking an interview on her perspective.

The full video can be seen on Costa's Facebook page.

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