A South Attleboro woman drove her car onto the inbound Green Line trolley tracks in Brookline around 1 a.m. Monday after she apparently misunderstood the instructions of her GPS, according to police.

Natalie Thibeault, 22, of South Attleboro, told police that while she was driving down Beacon Street, she was "not paying attention to the road" and was "looking at her GPS." That's when the device told her to "take a left turn onto Beacon Street." She told police she turned when the GPS signaled, but ended up on the inbound tracks.

She later told police that a man who was passing by in another vehicle told her that "she was fine" and to continue down the tracks and get off at the next intersection, but Thibeault had no such luck.

She started to drive, but when she realized she may not make it too much further, she tried to put the car into reverse.


That's when the car got stuck on the tracks near Beacon and Harvard Streets.

Police said there were no injuries, and no damage to the tracks. Thibeault was cited for a left turn violation and impeded operation, police said.