oldest man died nyc manhattan 111-year-old Dr. Alexander Imich, the world's oldest living man, passed away Sunday in his home on New York City's Upper West Side. He passed after what family and friends described as weeks of declining health.
Credit: Reuters/Mike Segar

The oldest man in the world died on Sunday morning after weeks of declining health, family said.

The Associated Press reported that Dr. Alexander Imich passed away in his Upper West Side home at the age of 111 at around 9 a.m.


Imich, a former chemist and parapsychologist, lived to see his 111 birthday earlier this year on February 4.

At that point, the oldest man in the world was Italian man Arturo Licata, who passed away shortly before his 112th birthday.

At least sixty-six known women were older than Imich — Misao Okawa of Japan is 116.

Born in 1903 in Poland, Imich fled the country with his wife after the Nazi invasion in 1939 and ended up in Soviet-run territory where they were forced into a labor camp.

The couple eventually settled in New York City after moving to the United States in 1951.

His wife, Wela Imich, passed away in 1986. The couple had no children.

Asked about how he made it to his 111 years, Imich offered scant advice.

"I don't know, I simply didn't die earlier," he told NBC 4 New York in May. "I have no idea how this happened."

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