Worst of Craigslist: Fun with food and drink

Bostonians have some unusual requests.

It's time for our weekly adventure to the wretched hive of digital desperation that is Craigslist — the scariest, yet most fascinating, corner of the Internet.


Today in Worst of Craigslist, we learn that some men and women have, well, let's just say they have "different" tastes in beverages than the rest of us. It's nothing to be ashamed of (or is it?) but it is the subject of today's installment.


We're not sure about the nutritional value of some of this stuff, but we're sure the enjoyment factor is through the roof!


If we're looking on the bright side, at least it's sterile?


We really hope this doesn't mean what we think it means. (It probably does mean what we think it means.)

He's just trying to get back in touch with his inner child!

This guy knows what he likes, and that's important.

This guy knows what he likes even more.

Are these even still a thing...? Seriously?

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