The wonderful world of Craigslist has brought us countless good fortune. You can use it to find a pet, of grab a deal on a studio apartment. But that’s only the beginning of what Craigslist has to offer.


With Craigslist we can live comfortably knowing that we will never be without someone to text or short a pair of used underwear. High school? Who cares? Get your diploma on Craigslist.


Here we’ve gathered New York’s absurdities in attempt to create yet another use for Craigslist: pure amusement.


Attention guys who lost girlfriends to the dude from Twilight: You may have another chance.


Wait a second. Is his machete rusting?

Name your price.

Do you think they’ll buy it?

Sexting — out. Texting partners — in.

For anyone seeking a wad of cash and a marriage without commitment.

Not sure who’s doing whom a favor here.

A creative way for the homeless to score some change.

If you’re on a budget or if you only have one ear.