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You want to see how 'Law & Order: SVU' portrays Occupy Wall Street

Everyone's favorite NYC-based crime show, "Law & Order: SVU," aired anepisode last night that included a plotline based on the Occupy WallStreet movement.

Occupy Wall Street got its close-up last night, as everyone's favorite NYC-based crime show, "Law & Order: SVU," aired an episode last night that included a plot thread based on the grassroots movement.

The Occupy scene was filmed on a fake set instead of Zuccotti Park, the real home of the movement. Real protesters crashed the set during filming, forcing production to shut down temporarily as a result of the "mockupation."

It looks like L&O producers were eventually able to pull it off, though, as seen in last night's gripping episode about a rape brushed under the rug by a shadowy "armed security" company.

The CEO of the company is served up a little street justice in response to the brutal sexual assault of one of his employees while she was working in Iraq. We don't want to give it all away, but a few lines from the episode really made us chuckle.

Detective Nick Amaro: "Where were you at 6 last night?"

Stereotypical Occupy protester: "Uptown... at a drum circle... outside the mayor's house."

Another great line which may or may not be based loosely on the current administration:

Captain Donald Cragen: "I just got off the phone with the mayor's office... in case you hadn't noticed, CEOs are a priority for his team. They want to be kept in the loop."

Occupy Wall Street only makes a brief appearance toward the beginning of the episode, so we've included the clip below.

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