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Young father gunned down in front of wife and baby in Tacony robbery

Owner of Jin House shot in chest despite cooperation with robbers.

In one of five separate killings over the weekend, a store owner was fatally shot in the chest during a robbery in Tacony Friday evening, reportedly as his wife and eight-month-old baby girl looked on.

The young father, 27, was working at the Jin House restaurant on the 4800 block of Longshore Avenue near Tulip Street when, shortly before 7 p.m., two black men wearing ski masks ran in with guns drawn and demanded money.

The victim was reportedly cooperative, telling the robbers to take what they wanted, but was still shot in the chest and died instantly.

The man's wife, also 27, was holding their eight-month-old child mere feet away from the killing and trying to shield her, police said.

Investigators are reportedly in the process of gathering and reviewing surveillance footage. No arrests have yet been made.

The slaying occurred less than a block away from the apartment building where participants in a Social Security check theft ring, allegedly led by Linda Ann Weston, infamously imprisoned mentally disabled people in a subbasement, chaining one of the victims to a water heater, according to allegations.

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