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Locally Amped Premiere: Zoya, “Fire”

Locally Amped Premiere: Zoya, “Fire”

Melding together music and dance is a centuries-old practice so it’s apropos that Boston-based-and-Indian-born world folk singer Zoya Mohan decided to release her latest work, “Lasya” (out tomorrow) via a visual EP. Locally Amped is excited to premiere her debut music video, “Fire,” a song of longing which Mohan picked Massachusetts-based Indian dancer Priyanka Jain to interpret via classical dance and elaborate, purposeful motions.

Mohan, a 2014 Berklee School of Music graduate, has had North Indian music in her blood since birth. Growing up in Southern California, she danced atparties that her parents threw within an American-Indian community there. She has since spent time traveling and recording music in India, but also saysthat she picked up influences from American singers Fiona Apple and Ani DiFranco.

On “Lasya,” she worked with professional dancers to “capture their own response to the messages of longing and pining relayed in the lyrics of my songs and visually expressing this through dance,” according to Mohan. Videographer Jessie Hansen was also integral in the process.

“Fire” features Mohan’s pining, multi-octave voice and Jain’s visual representation of the track alongside bansuri (flute), fretless bass, mandolin, guitar and percussion. “It was truly an incredible experience working with Priyanka,” Mohan said. “It was inspiring to me to see such a beautiful creation happen upon one of my creations. Kind of like recycled art — but remaining true to the song’s message.”

The “Lasya” visual EP is an extension of “Letters To Toska,” her first EP released earlier this year. She plans to release her first full-length, “The Girl Who Used to Live In My Room” in 2015. She performs next on Dec. 3rd at Church in Boston, MA and Dec. 8th at the Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge, MA.

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