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Long Lost Family: Everything you need to know about the new season of the TLC show

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If at-home DNA tests prove anything — other than, yes, mom and dad did give you all their weird medical conditions — it’s that most people are looking for something. And usually that’s a someone. Long Lost Family on TLC is the heartwarming show that uses the Ancestry DNA Test (yes, like the website) to grant these genealogical wishes, reuniting members of families separated for sometimes decades.

The team behind Long Lost Family on TLC, including hosts Chris Jacobs and Lisa Joyner, aren’t pulling any emotional punches from this season, either. When Metro got a sneak peek of what’s to come — don’t worry, we got some hints to share with you — the quick summaries of the personal stories you’re going to see this season had our eyes stinging already.

What to expect from Long Lost Family season 3

If you’re a fan of the show, you already know that a handy box of tissues is required for watching Long Lost Family on TLC. But maybe giving you some sneak peeks at what’s coming in Long Lost Family season 3 will not only get you excited but also help you prep for the waterworks that are to come when they open that door at the end of each episode.

Metro got a couple hints about Long Lost Family on TLC and where the network is taking it this season, and it’s just as heartwarming and tear-inducing as you’d expect. In Long Lost Family season 3, expect to see:

  • A woman haunted by the memory of the sister she first met, and last saw, in a courtroom at the age of seven

  • A man, who at 48 years old, was traumatized to find out he was adopted, after his adoptive parents had already passed away

  • A man who discovered that the mother who placed him for adoption already had three sons whom she kept.

  • A young woman who discovers that the mother she has been looking for was forced to give her up before entering a lengthy prison sentence

  • A man who discovers that the parents who gave him up as teens, are still together almost forty years later.

Sneak peek of Long Lost Family on TLC

The third season of the emotional series kicks off soon, but if descriptions of the upcoming stories aren’t enough, you can catch a sneak peak at the first episode on the website for Long Lost Family on TLC. You’ll see Christian share a little about his story, and his lifelong struggle with identity.

TLC told Metro that Christian Thrasher, from Atlanta, “suffered a traumatic childhood.” Going on the show and searching for his birth parents is part of his ongoing journey: he’s been “trying to understand his racial identity his entire life.” His adoption papers have only complicated the puzzle. They list both of his birth parents as white, but he appears multiracial.

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Christian recalled how having this big question about his past affected his childhood and adoption: “I found out that I was adopted out to another family, and after a period of time, like ten days, they returned me because they thought that their family wouldn’t be able to accept me because I had darker skin.”

“He’s had an illustrious career, meeting and working alongside presidents, diplomats and heads of state,” host Lisa Joyner says about Christian, “but the people he’s always longed to meet were never those in the spotlight – they were his birth parents.”

See? We told you that you would need the tissues.

When to catch Long Lost Family on TLC

The third season of Long Lost Family on TLC kicks off Sunday, April 8 at 10:00 p.m. EST. You can catch up on past seasons, and the emotional reunions in each episode, by downloading the TLC GO app.

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