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Longwood Avenue between Brookline Avenue and Riverway

The ebb and flow of this block is largely dictated by the intersection on its east end.

There, at Brookline and Longwood avenues, exists a daylong dance between pedestrian and motorist, each grumbling until a signal of some kind lets it escape this mish-mash of humanity.

“This is nuts,” was all one pedestrian said to himself as he stared into the road during Metro’s visit.

Once free from the maelstrom, things quiet down a bit. On the right side, heading toward the Muddy River, are the athletic fields of Winsor School, largely vacant this time of year. Opposite sits a vast empty lot reserved for the Longwood Center, a massive project which has yet to get going due to a variety of struggles.

The fencing on both sides only breaks up once the monotony of medical buildings re-emerges. Then, as a bookend, rests the newly renovated Temple Israel, where parents line up each school day to make sure their kids get home from school safely.

So long as they avoid the intersection down the block, they should be fine.

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