Look out, al Qaeda: At royal wedding, nuts the real fear – Metro US

Look out, al Qaeda: At royal wedding, nuts the real fear

Due to the risk of terrorist attacks, guests at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will have to arrive three hours early and pass security checks. A radical Muslim group, Muslims against Crusades, has threatened to disrupt the festivities. But deranged people may pose the biggest threat.

“With famous people, especially royals, mentally disturbed people pose a serious problem,” notes Scott Stewart, vice president of Tactical Intelligence at intelligence forecasting firm Stratfor. “There are some disturbed individuals who follow the royals around and try to approach the royals because they think the royals have given them secret messages.”

The mentally disturbed person often believes him- or herself to have a special connection with a particular royal person, Stewart explains. When they’re rejected, they get angry.

“Mentally deranged people are a bigger threat to royal security than terrorists, because you can’t use informants with them,” Stewart says. “You can infiltrate al Qaeda, but you can’t infiltrate a deranged person. All the planning goes on in that person’s head.”

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