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Look we’re loving: Leather pants

Soften the effect of leather pants with fuzzy accessories.

Because there are some days when we just don’t want to stand out — be it a hungover morning, a recent break-up, or just a particularly blah day — we can always wear black. The somber hue has a way of shrouding us like a comforting winter blanket, while having the potential to deliver a look that has enviable levels of style kudos.

Take the outfit that Grace Sickles, spotted in New York’s Meatpacking District, wears here. She’s sporting leather trousers, an idea that can seem intimidating (they’re always a little too tight or sticky or inflexible) with the ease of a pair of well-worn boyfriend jeans. That’s all due to her styling: those comfy biker boots, the oversized coat, the furry scarf and fuzzy bobble hat. The overall effect is polished and slick, yet practical and accessible (not to mention highly recreatable.) Add that to your list of post-holiday sale shopping.

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