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Looking for a fairer policy

As the temperature climbs and Vancouverites hit the beaches, George Heyman of the Sierra Club will be at discussing ways to control emissions through equitable and socially just policies.

The conference, Saturday at the Maritime Labour Centre, is organized into dialogue groups focusing on ways people can fight climate change and social injustice.

Heyman said the revenue-neutral structure of the current carbon tax discriminates against most British Columbians, with only the wealthiest 20 per cent ending up balanced or ahead.

“They can afford larger homes, can travel, often have more than one vehicle and can afford to pay for fuel,” Heyman said.

“But the poorest British Columbians, many of whom have little choice about their travel options or have no capital to retrofit their homes … simply don’t get a large enough income tax benefit.”

Rather than cutting income tax, Heyman said the province should take revenue from the carbon tax and put it toward assistance for lower income residents and investments in public transit.

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