Looking for a sugar daddy? Dating app unveils new pheromone-based scents to lure your sweetie – Metro US

Looking for a sugar daddy? Dating app unveils new pheromone-based scents to lure your sweetie

Sugar Mama

Kanye might have rapped about no good gold-digging women, but there is a dating app for sugar daddies and sugar babies looking for love, money and the fountain of youth.

Arrangement.com, “where the successful spoil the beautiful,” connects sugar daddies with sugar babies and has unveiled new fragrances to attract a sugar mate like Pepe Le Pew to a cat.

The Arrangement.com team was thinking of products that align with the app and “naturally, scent came to mind first,” a spokeswoman said.

The “unapologetic” dating app is geared toward people who take the direct approach to companionship. Whether you want someone to spoil or travel with or you straight up want a sugar daddy or mama, Arrangement.com allows users to “shop the system.”

“Most Arrangement.com users are professionals that find dating apps and matchmaking services a waste of their valuable time,” according to the company. “With Arrangement.com there’s no guesswork or games because users are honest and transparent about what does and doesn’t work for them.”

We haven’t sniffed the new aromas yet, but Papa-gâteau and Sugar Drop fragrance lines have a few sultry options to convey “confidence, style, refinement and, of course, wealth,” according to the company.

The scents contain androstenone and androstadienone, two pheromone-based aphrodisiac compounds that are scientifically proven to attract the opposite sex and increase sexual desire, the company said.

“Cash has a distinct smell, and some people are better than others at sniffing out potential mates who have it,” said Andrea Johnson, CMO of Arrangement.com. “Our scents undeniably capture the seductive fragrance of wealth, and the desire for it, so sugar babies and daddies can simply follow their nose to their next arrangement.”

Arrangement.com members can preorder these fragrances of the rich and beautiful starting on Wednesday.

What the scents are like, according to Arrangment.com:

Sugar Drop Collection for Sugar Babies

Filthy Rich – Reminiscent of the most memorable nights, the bright and robust Filthy Rich combines powerful hints of berry and sea splash with an undertone of freshly printed money.

Billionaire Baby – Blending delicate lavishness, beauty and elegance, Billionaire Baby joins notes of jasmine, black truffle, black currant and effervescent citrus with a hint of fine leather goods.

Sweet Hustle – Sugared lemon drops with crushed Madagascar vanilla perfectly blended with bubblegum, cotton candy and the most expensive chocolate-covered fruit.

Papa-Gâteau Collection for Sugar Daddies

Opulence – The bold, new fragrance from our expertly crafted Papa-gâteau line attracts what the eye can’t see. A sexy, fresh and aquatic aroma with bergamot, neroli and tangerine, Opulence combines notes of rosemary, jasmine on a woody – err, woodsy – base.

NSA – This bold, alluring fragrance blends voluptuous berries, alluring blooms, sensual incense and night musk for a contemporary tale of forbidden love with no strings attached.

Liquid Assets – A warm, masculine and gentle scent with fresh mint, lavender, orange blossom and woods stimulates the senses and your checkbook.

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