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Lose the pants, take the T: Boston’s annual ‘No Pants Subway Ride’ slated for Sunday

Be it boxers, briefs, panties, even “manties,” in the right context, underwear can be sexy.

But in the wrong context, also known as the MBTA, they can be pretty funny – at least that’s the idea behind the Boston’s annual No Pants Subway Ride, which is set to happen on Sunday.

Now in its sixth year, the No Pants Subway Ride brings together courageous T riders looking to make fellow strapholders laugh, or squirm, by simply riding the T while wearing their unmentionables.

The event started in New York City in 2002, and has since grown into a global event.

Twenty-nine year old James Cobalt, the executive director of BostonSOS, decided to bring the event to the Hub in 2008. That year saw a crowd of about 70 pantless participant, but this year Cobalt said he expects to see more than 350.

“At first it is nerve-racking, but within five minutes people are completely comfortable,” Cobalt said. “If you want to know what it’s like to be completely silly for a few hours, just come.”

The city is expected to hit a high of 52 degrees on Sunday, and while that may seem like ideal conditions for going pantless, Cobalt feels it may take away the event’s edge.

“So much of the silliness is that it’s freezing cold out. That’s why it’s held in the dead of winter, because it’s the most ridiculous time to do it.”

Transit Police Superintendent Joseph O’Connor said the T will keep an eye on the exhibitionists, but that the event usually goes off without a hitch.

“We’ve worked with the group over last few years. People have been very appropriate. It’s a fun group. They’ve never caused any problems.”

Here is a break down of Sunday’s No Pant Subway Ride:

  • Those interested in joining in on the pant-free parade can sign up at www.BostonSOS.org
  • It’s free to participate
  • Thongs are not allowed
  • Doubling up on underwear is highly recommended.
  • Participants will start gathering at Dewey Square at 1:13 p.m.

The group will travel from South Station to Harvard, then turn around and loop Downtown to State Street. The boxer brigade will then hoof it to Government Center, where they will take the T to the Prudential Center.

From there, the group will head to Kings Boston, a Dalton Street bar and bowling alley, which is hosting a post-ride party with discounts on pizza and nachos for pantless patrons.

King’s Marketing Manager Jenna Gabriel said of the panty party, “We just had so much fun with them last year that we decided to host it again. It’s all in the name of fun.”

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