Lotto tix not meant for kids’ stockings: NSGC – Metro US

Lotto tix not meant for kids’ stockings: NSGC

Lottery scratch tickets might fit nicely into stockings, but they’re not for anyone under 19.

The Nova Scotia Gaming Corp. released a warning to parents yesterday about the dangers of introducing their kids to gambling, even if it’s just a scratch ’n’ win ticket.

“We’re urging them to respect the age restrictions in place for lottery products and refrain from purchasing lottery products as gifts for youth,” said Heather Hanson, NSGC spokeswoman.

“We just want to remind parents the same age restrictions apply for lottery — 19 — as alcohol.”

And it’s not just the law. There is evidence that early exposure to lottery and gambling can lead to problems with gambling later in life, Hanson said.

“It could begin with something as innocent as giving a lottery ticket as a gift.”

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