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Louis C.K. gone rogue in Boston, crashed open mic at the Burren

Laura Cavanaugh/FilmMagic

You know the Burren. That place you showed up to at 10 p.m. on a Saturday to find a line that stretched to Cambridge. Dejected would-be patrons littering the sidewalk like plague victims. Vague shouts of “The horror!” That girl with the neon headband who, pepperoni slice in hand, took one step toward an Uber, couldn’t even, and sank resignedly to pavement, having given up on life. Your roommate, pounding on the glass from inside, surrounded by beautiful women, mouthing, “This is awesome!!”

OK. If you went last night, you’re forgiven. You had a slightly different experience.

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Louis C.K. made a surprise visit to the Burren Wednesday night, crashing their weekly Late Night Comedy show. He performed new jokes to a crowd of about 60. Not bad, after selling out MSG.

The surprise set came on the heels of a Valentine’s Day performance at McGreevy’s, and may not be the last low-key set of the week for the Newton native. Two shows at the Wang Theatre tonight and Friday night cap off his week, but if you’re like us, you’re excitedly dialing local comedy clubs to extort potential information.

Or, if you’re not like us, you’re watching the below clip. Then you’re excitedly dialing/extorting.

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