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Louis C.K. quit the internet and so can you

Louis C.K.
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Hey, maybe we’re all looking at our phones too much? That’s the idea Louis C.K. is working with lately, at least, as he had the realization that looking down to check your phone while in conversation with someone is a new and special kind of rude where you’re basically putting the person in front of you on pause.

And that’s extra sucky when the person is your kid. “My kids are nice people so they just wait,” C.K. tells Conan O’Brien. “[My daughter] dies inside every time I do this.”

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His solution? Asking his daughter to set a parental code on his phone’s web browser and not tell him what it is. “It’s supposed to be the other way around,” he says. “It’s supposed to be a parental code to keep your kid off the internet.” Hey man, whatever works.

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