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Louis C.K. slams Common Core standardized tests on Twitter

Louis CK Comedian Louis C.K. railed against Common Core standardized tests on Twitter.
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Comedian Louis C.K. slammed the state’s standardized tests on Twitter, tweeting on Monday that Common Core makes his kids cry and is a “massive stressball” for their school.

“My kids used to love math,” he wrote in the first of a dozen tweets and rewteets to more than 3 million followers. “Now it makes them cry. Thanks standardized testing and common core!”

One his two daughters is set to begin this year’s standardized math tests on Wednesday with other students in the city.

The stand-up comedian posted photos of several problems in practice tests given to the third-grader, attempting to point out that the work isn’t “too hard.”

One question asks, “Why night you want each picture to stand for more than 1 balloon?” In response, C.K. tweeted, “Yet again I must tell my kid ‘don’t answer it. It’s a bad question.'”

The tweets seemed to strike a chord, with the first missive getting more than 6,800 retweets and 8,700 favorites as of Tuesday afternoon.

In response to his rant, many Twitter users asked him to attend rallies and speak out against the tests, which are meant to promote critical thinking skills. In line with national Common Core standards, the tests have been the target of escalating anger and protests.

C.K., who lives in Manhattan, praised his daughters’ teachers but said the school has entered a “dark time.”

“It’s all about these tests,” he wrote.

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