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Lucy sparks complaint to society

Valley Zoo’s biggest celebrity, Lucy the Asian elephant, is once again capturing headlines.

In a collaborative effort from PETA, Voice for Animals and Zoocheck, the Edmonton Humane Society has been presented with a formal complaint.

The complaint is an attempt to get the society to act on their behalf to launch an independent investigation into the matter.

While experts for the groups have not actually been allowed to visit Lucy, they insist that she lives in unacceptable conditions, which negatively affect her health.

Zoocheck’s Julie Woodyer states that the action follows the advice of a judge, who “laid out a roadmap to pursue charges” following a court case earlier in the year. While they are legally appealing the ruling of the case, the decision to pursue the Humane Society avenue enforces their commitment to the cause.

Even if this attempt fails, they refuse to abandon the issue.

“It’s not good enough to say she’s too sick to move, yet continue to leave her in distress,” Woodyer said.

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