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Lyft might release a feature that will let drivers know not to talk during ride

Lyft might launch "zen mode" feature

A new Lyft app feature called “zen mode” is being considered and it will drivers know ahead of time that you don’t feel like being chatty during your trip.

Ride-sharing apps such as Lyft and Uber have changed the way we use car services these days, making it simple for us to open up the app and order a driver to take us somewhere. While these app services make our lives easier, when the driver comes to pick you up there is a chance she or he may want to engage in conversation during the trip to make you feel comfortable or show how friendly they are so they could get a high rating.

Having a friendly conversation with your driver could make your ride a lot smoother, but sometimes you might not feel like talking to your Lyft driver during your trip for various reasons. Lyft is considering introducing a feature that will let your Lyft driver know that you don’t feel like talking during the trip.

According to Taggart Matthiesen, head of product for autonomous driving for Lyft, the idea of having a feature that politely lets a Lyft driver know you don’t feel like conversing could become a reality.

“We have thought about it, Matthiesen told The Verge during the Converge podcast with Casey Newton. “I think it’s interesting. At some point, we may play around with that idea, but that’s unfortunately not a feature at this point.”

The Lyft app feature “zen mode” feature could give riders more flexibility when it comes to personalizing their trips. Sometimes it can be awkward to let your driver know that you would prefer not to chitchat during your trip and a feature like “zen mode” could give users more control of their ride. 

New Lyft app feature called zen mode feature might come soon

Is the Lyft app feature zen mode coming soon?

Matthiesen didn’t say if or when the zen mode feature will release anytime soon, but it seems like a great idea for passengers who want to let the driver know they don’t feel like talking during the ride.

And since the app feature could easily work with other ride-sharing companies, we wouldn’t be surprised if Uber takes advantage of this idea and integrates some kind of “do not disturb” feature in the Uber app that will let drivers know the passenger isn’t in the mood for small talk.  

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