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Lyft to offer 50 percent off rides to polls on Election Day

Election Day 2018 Lyft Discount

In 2016, Lyft gave discounted rides to select markets on Election Day. The goal? Get more people to vote. This year’s midterm elections (Election Day 2018) are coming up fast, and another Lyft discount will be at voters’ disposal.

Earlier this year, if you recall, Lyft gave free rides to March For Our Lives protests to, in their words, “encourage civic participation.” On that same note, the rideshare service is offering discounted rides to polls nationwide on Tuesday, November 6.

According to Pew Research, “dislike of candidates or campaign issues” was the most common reason that registered voters opted out of voting in 2016. However, 29 percent of registered youth voters surveyed by SPAE cited transportation barriers as one of the reasons they didn’t make it to the polls.

To help alleviate this issue come Election Day 2018, a 50 percent off Lyft discount to the polls will be offered in partnership with organizations dedicated to increasing voter turnout, such as Vote.org, Nonprofit Vote and TurboVote. “This will be geofenced [read: tracked],” a Lyft representative tells Metro.

“As for why it’s only to, and not from — voting is every citizen’s right, which means there are a number of regulations in place to protect against voter fraud or buying someone’s vote,” they continue. “There are strict rules against gifts or incentives, and providing free or discounted transportation back from the polls falls into that category.”

Voters can only use the 50 percent off Lyft discount code once on Election Day 2018, and the code is valid for any standard ride to a polling location up to $5. 

In addition, Lyft will be offering free rides, in partnership with nonprofits like Voto Latino, Urban League affiliates and the National Federation for the Blind, to individuals from underserved communities who have historically faced “more significant transportation barriers than other populations.”

To access this 50 percent off Lyft discount code, click through to BuzzFeed (buzzfeed.com/pollup2018/welcome-to-pollup2018) and enter your ZIP in the designated field. Your code will appear in the Lyft app on Tuesday, November 6.

Election Day 2018 Lyft discounts

More on Lyft’s efforts for Election Day 2018

As Election Day 2018 approaches and in partnership with When We All Vote and National Voter Registration Day, Lyft will give handouts with key information to drivers at Hub locations and remind users about registration deadlines via push notifications and social media.

Michelle Obama tweeted on the afternoon of the rideshare service’s announcement, “We can each do our part to help all eligible voters make their voices heard in this upcoming election and every election. And I’m thrilled that companies like Lyft are working with When We All Vote to get people registered & out to vote this November.”

Click through to the Lyft blog for more info.

“We also know that getting to the polls is only one part of the voting process, so we’re committed to making it easier for the entire Lyft community to register to vote and learn about important ballot initiatives,” the representative says. “Every voice is important, and we’re excited to help make them heard in this year’s elections.”

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