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Lymphoma patient told she deserves cancer after canceling Uber ride

Uber remains under fire this week.
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Ridesharing service Uber remained in the headlines Tuesday when a customer undergoing cancer treatment revealed that one of the company’s drivers called her “not human” and said she deserved to be sick.

25-year-old Alexandra Craigle, an NYC native who was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2012, cancelled a ride within five minutes of requesting one on November 10, prompting her driver to send a malicious text.

I think you deserve what happened to you with such a [character],” he wrote. “You hang up the phone and cancel the trip … go see a head doctor too.”

According to Uber, which has a zero tolerance policy for abusive or threatening language from both drivers and passengers, Craigle’s would-be driver was promptly deactivated after a complaint was submitted to the car service.

“This is an absolutely terrible incident,” Arielle Goren, a communications rep for Uber, toldMetroon Wednesday. “When it was brought to our attention, we handled it very promptly.”

As for the company’s approach to righting the situation, Goren mentioned Craigle was issued credit for future Uber rides.

“We’ve just been trying to be in touch and be supportive and get more of her feedback on her experience,” added Goren.

Earlier this week, Uber came under fire when its Business VP Emil Michael told dinner guests the company could combat negative press by spending a “million dollars” on digging up dirt on journalists who criticize the brand.

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