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M.I.A. releases two new songs exclusively on Apple Music

M.I.A./Apple Music

After being, well, M.I.A., the contraversial Sri Lankan rapper is back with two new songs, a taste of her full length album, which will be released later this year. The songs, “Swords” and “Warriors,” are classic M.I.A. with rap layered over electronic beats.

The rapper created a video titled “Matahdatah Scroll 01 ‘Broader Than A Border’ featuring both songs, the second time she’s tried her hand at directing.“I directed and edited my first music video for ‘Warriors’ for my last album, ‘MATANGI,’ and I held it back until now, because it inspired me to make a whole series of songs and videos on the concept of borders,” says M.I.A.

Of the songs, she says:“My new song ‘Swords’ was filmed in a Temple in India and we recorded the clang of the metal to make the beat at the same time as shooting these incredible girls. …There’s 10 more of these countries coming and I haven’t chased where to go yet, so who knows where this project will take me. ‘Warriors’ was shot in Cote d’Ivoire with a guy I saw in a youtube video doing the most incredible dancing. I tracked down that exact guy, flew out there and played him the ‘Warriors’ track. He did his thing for me. He is a spiritual warrior and communicates through dancing. It’s a lifelong commitment for him to be the designated spiritual body that channels that dance.”

Click here to preview the songs and video.

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