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Mad about shopping

If you’re a Facebook or Twitter addict, chances are high that you’ve Mad Men-ified yourself in recent weeks (AKA created a cartoonish Mad Men character avatar in your exact likeness). But why stop there? Banana Republic is offering you the chance to Mad Men-ify your actual self!

Inspired by the classic mid-century lines and sleek silhouettes showcased on the brilliant drama Mad Men, Banana Republic’s fall collection is what happens when 1960 collides with 2009. On offer are sweet blouses, high-waisted pencil skirts, crisp classic suits and trenches; modern classics that would not be out of place in the smoke-filled hallways of Sterling-Cooper.

Our favourite finds? For her, it’s their black, form-sitting sheath dress with the mod neck detailing that hugs curves as tightly as a high-end sports car. For him, it’s the richly-dyed assortment of silky ties and 100 per cent cotton iron-free shirts. The only thing that’s missing is a highball glass.

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