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Madden puts Tebowing ‘in the game’

He didn’t make the cover of this year’s edition of the popular Madden video game, but for Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow, it isn’t all bad news. His prayers — and those of hundreds of thousands of gamers — were answered this week when word came out that the quarterback’s popular post-touchdown kneel and pray, known as “Tebowing,” will be in Madden NFL ’13.

Creative director of the Madden franchise, Michael Young, tweeted (@MySportsPhotog) several days ago that “Tebowing is in for #madden13.” It is a sign of just how popular Tebow and his faith are in today’s culture that the creators of an institution like the Madden franchise include “Tebowing” in one of the country’s most popular video games.

“In Madden we are very passionate about delivering everything you see on Sunday in the real NFL. Everything from playbooks, uniforms, equipment, stadium chants and more all need to match real life,” Young told Metro New York.

“Each year we look to add animations that capture memorable moments from the previous season. It can be a catch animation like the David Tyree catch from the Giants’ Super Bowl [XLII]. It can be a play like the surprise onside kick from the Saints’ Super Bowl [XLIV], or as in this case, a memorable celebration.”

Young said that the nod to Tebow and his faith falls in line with similar moments that Madden tries to include in their game, such as the Mile High Salute for the Broncos or player specific ones such as Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz’s salsa dance or Rob Gronkowski’s spike of the ball.

“Well, ‘Tebowing’ is a natural fit for the game because Tim Tebow does it in real life. If he stopped ‘Tebowing’ it would no longer be important to our game. I always say that our job is to get everyone’s favorite player and team as authentic as possible,” Young said.

“So if you are a Tebow or Jets fan you expect to see and hear everything you see on TV or at the stadium in our game. ‘Tebowing’ fits that criteria.”

During tense moments of a game, it was not uncommon to see Tebow on one knee, prayerfully watching the action, something that likely won’t be a part of the Madden game. According to Young, “Tebowing” will occur in the game “most of the time” after he scores a touchdown.

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