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Maille Mustard Boutique’s sommelier classes up our condiment game

A new Upper West Side boutique has something you’ve never seen on tap.

Maille, which has been making France’s gold standard for Dijon mustard for 265 years, just opened its first store outside of Europe at 185 Columbus Ave. The Maille Mustard Boutique has more than 20 varieties, including five of them on tap – and mustard sommelier Pierette Huttner on hand to guide your tasting.

Ketchup is all well and good for your garden-variety fries, but mustard’s uses go beyond the fast food realm, Huttner tells Metro. “In French cuisine, mustard is the secret ingredient that adds more dimension and flavor to any recipe.”

While she insists there is no wrong match for the right mustard, she enjoys the condiment in vinaigrettes for salads and vegetable dishes, or as a glaze on meat. “I even add a touch of Maille Fig and Coriander Mustard when making a fruit tart for a delightful and unexpected kick.”

All of the mustards can be sampled and, much like a wine sommelier, Huttner is on hand not only to pull the taps at the boutique’s savory bar but also to suggest foods (and drinks) to complement them. “Our five mustards on tap contain French white wine, so they pair nicely with the corresponding wine,” she suggests. “Our limited-edition Black Truffle and Chablis Mustard on Tap can pair with wine, beer or whisky.”

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