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Makeover rocks baroque

Ah, the joy of a baroque-inspired interior, a thoroughly indulgent antique look that simply drips “deluxe.”

Thank Marie Antoinette, gold-plated furnishings and enough crown moulding and period panelling to send Home Depot share prices into orbit! Yup, glitz and glamour to the max, it’s one of our favourite “days gone by” interior looks. So that’s the traditional version taken care of, but come on — surely by now you expect the unexpected from your comedy uncles Colin and Justin? Here goes …

Enter Baroque AND ROLL! Altogether zanier — and certainly more colourful — it’s a frenzied and in-your-face modern interpretation of classic European styling which has, in our hands, been given a serious “punk rock” kick up the backside.

So how do you get the look? Think DRAMA! On this week’s Home Show we tackle a dining room and, as a crazy starting point, paint the walls striking magenta and then slide back into classic detailing by adding lay on timber panelling stained purest black. And our source point? Home Depot! Remember our motto: “It’s not how much you spend but where you spend it that counts.”
To push contrast even further we added black and white acrylic pop-tastic Philippe Starck Louis Ghost chairs (they’re modelled on the classic “balloon” back Louis XV style) and we scattered vivid pink sheepskin rugs on the floor. Fabulous!

Here’s how to get even further into Baroque And Roll character:

  • Use loads of candles set in cranberry tea glasses to set a flickering ambient mood.
  • Hang jet glass chandeliers to promote a seriously hedonistic atmosphere.
  • Hang dramatic damask wallpaper (visit www.grahambrown.com for STUNNING inspiration) but don’t think elegant restraint. Think punk rock! Gorgeous feisty velvets and rich tactile silks will help hit the mark.
  • Mix plastics and gold-painted wood to help pull your scheme together.
  • To further tool up on Baroque And Roll inspiration, analyze the overly adorned furniture shapes that typify the period and then seek out “inspired by” items which have been given a funky twist. Play leather against concrete. Or try positioning tons of cut-glass table wares on berry coloured velvet cloths. Once you get into the swing of things, there will be no stopping you!