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Making history in Williamsburg

Virginia is for lovers; but it’s easy to dismiss Williamsburg as a place for kids and senior citizens. The truth is, the area has a lot to offer even the hippest urban couples, especially around Christmas.

Embrace your inner nerd
It’s sort of mandatory that you learn some stuff, so embrace your inner nerd with a drive down scenic Colonial Parkway to the Yorktown Victory Center, a beautiful museum sandwiched between a colonial farm and a revolution-era military camp complete with soldiers toting historically accurate weapons. Seeing the modest ways our forefathers celebrated puts the season in perspective.

The main attraction
Strolling down Duke of Gloucester Street in Colonial Williamsburg (www.history.org/
) is like taking a trip back in time — but without all the typhoid. Start at the Capital Building and make your way down to Merchants Square, a great spot for last-minute shopping. In between, you’ll see decor sure to get even the scroogiest humbug into the spirit.

Taverns to toast to
You can stop in at one of the many “taverns” along Duke of Gloucester Street, but you’ll need a reservation. And don’t expect a bar or bar wenches — the taverns are great for a romantic dinner. If you’re looking for Williamsburg nightlife try J.M. Randalls (www.jmrandalls.com), which is open late and has something going on nearly every evening.

Resting ye’ old head
There are great deals by the airport in Newport News, but for the full experience, try a quaint B&B. The owner of the lovely Cedars of Williamsburg (www.cedarsofwilliamsburg.com), Bob Tubbs, is offering a special discount on already great rates to Metro readers who book before Christmas.