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Making It NBC competition series: Everything you need to know

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On February 24, 2015, the final episode ever of NBC’s popular mockumentary series Parks and Recreatio” aired. Since then, its stars and creators have scattered to other networks, streaming services and movie studios to explore other projects, but longtime fans of the show have always wished for even the faintest hit of a reunion. Thanks to the new Making It NBC series featuring Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman, audiences will be getting just that. Kind of.

What is the Making It NBC series about?

In Making It, eight of the most talented creators and makers from across the United States will take on a variety of craft projects in the hopes of impressing co-hosts Poehler and Offerman, and the show’s panel of expert judges, Simon Doonan and Dayna Isom Johnson. The eight contestants participating are Joanna Gick, Amber Kemp-Gerstel, Billy Kheel, Robert Mahar, Khiem Nguyen, Jamma Olson, Jeffery Rudell and Nicole Sweeney.

Every one of the competition’s six episodes will revolve around a central theme that draws inspiration from popular nationwide trends in creative and do-it-yourself circles. What’s more, each episode will be split into two separate projects. The first, dubbed “faster-craft,” will be a timed challenge that tests the competitors’ abilities to work quickly and imaginatively. As for the second, the “master craft collection,” participants will use their expertise to create something that fits that week’s particular theme.

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Poehler and Offerman are obviously nothing like their “Parks and Recreation” characters Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson in real life, but the friendship shared between them is palpable in Making It. This is especially true in a seriesof “pun-offs” the two competed in for several promotional videos available on YouTube.

So while the Making It NBC series isn’t exactly what Parks and Recreation diehards may have had in mind for a cast reunion, the opportunity to see Poehler and Offerman making each other giggle again is not something to be missed.

Makign It NBC series release date

Making It premieres Tuesday, July 31 at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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