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Malubay grateful for Idol exposure

Ramiele Malubay had a premonition that she would be eliminated from American Idol this week, but she still held out hope that it wouldn’t be her head on the chopping block.

However, as everyone who tries out for the singing competition knows, only one person can be left standing in the end. And though she was sad it was her time to go, Malubay is happy she was able to at least make it to the Top 9.

“It’s pretty much taken over my whole life — it’s actually the first real big thing that’s happened in my life,” said Malubay during a conference call with both Canadian and American media yesterday afternoon. “It’s been a good experience, it’s exposure, it’s a future and I’m really grateful for the judges for getting me as far as I did to let America judge.”

Having made it from the initial auditions to the Hollywood round and then eventually to the Top 9 was exciting for 20-year-old Malubay from Miramar, Fla.

Not only was she able to showcase her talents to millions of people but she formed many friendships —that includes one of her closest friends, Danny Noriega, who made the Top 22. So how hard was it going up against her friends?

“Honestly, we never really thought of it as a competition until Wednesdays when someone has to go home — it’s really weird, we would help each other,” she said. “We’re a big family, we’re not out to get the other person kicked out or anything … it’s genuine, it comes from the heart, we don’t sugarcoat things just for the camera.”

Malubay, who sang Dolly Parton’s Do I Ever Cross Your Mind, will be reuniting with her friends once the new Idol is crowned for the American Idol tour. And as to who she predicts will win it all: “Other years you could kind of tell or predict … This year everyone’s freakin’ good. They sing so different but on the same levels of greatness.”

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