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Man accused of keeping girlfriend prisoner, raping, burning her


A Lawrence man was held without bail on rape and kidnappingcharges Monday,after his girlfriend told police he bound, burned, tortured and repeatedly raped her in a Newbury Street apartment.

Police were called outside of the buildingafter witnesses reported seeing a woman run naked out of the apartment building, screaming that her boyfriend was trying to kill her, according to the Eagle Tribune newspaper.

Keyvin “Ghetto” Gil, 27, was arraigned on 13 criminal charges in Lawrence District Court, including rape, receiving stolen property, illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition, domestic assault and battery, resisting arrest and numerous counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Police said the victim’s multi-day ordeal began onWednesday of last week, after Gil became upset that “he could not find his marijuana and accused her of smoking it,” according to the paper.

The report continues:

[On Wednesday, Gil] pointed a .357 handgun at her and abused her with the gun, Montas wrote.

On Friday, Gil accused the woman of being unfaithful and made demeaning remarks about her body. He then pointed a gun at her and raped her, she told Montas.

“Gil then removed all but one bullet from his revolver and spun the cylinder,” [Officer Ariel] Montas wrote. He threatened to kill the woman, joking about her luck and daring her to take the gun from him, according to the report.

Allegedly Gil then told the woman he was going to wait for her daughters to be dropped off after school and then he was going to kill her. She told police Gil took clothesline rope wrapping from her feet to around her neck several times and then tied it securely behind her back.

Gil is due back in court June 29.

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