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Man and dog dress to impress with matching outfits

If you needed proof that people really do resemble their pooches, look no further than Topher Brophy and his dog Rosenberg. The adorable duo dress in matching outfits, before posting their pictures to their Instagram account (@topherbrophy). The public has gone barking mad for photos of The New Yorker and his pet Aussie doodledog dressed in everything from matching suits to tennis kits, complete with headbands.

How did you meet Rosenberg the dog?

Rosenberg came into my life two years ago, when I was going through a difficult time. This is when I started the adoption process. Being a dog dad has taught me so much about myself – I am a much happier person now; it was the best decision I’ve ever made. He is my son, my best friend, my spirit animal and the light of my life. Rosenberg has a temperament that’s unlike any other dog I’ve ever met. He has a unique sense of tranquility, and quiet confidence that is very therapeutic. It almost feels like he knows something we don’t.

When did you get the idea to dress and photograph Rosenberg as different characters?

People told us that we look so much a like, so at first, we dressed in matching outfits as a joke. The second we went outside, a crowd formed around us and it became clear it made people very happy, particularly kids. We dress up in different characters because we are proponents of diversity and want to pay homage to different cultures, religions, orientations and professions.

You and Rosenberg the dog are very similar. Does it feel off to resemble your pooch?

We love it, but it’s also normal for us. Children generally look like their parents. So aside from him having four legs, its quite common. What is really crazy is how similar our personalities are: we both have a healthy sense of humor, w’re very affectionate and introspective and are a little moody when we’re hungry.

Is it easy to dress your mutt?

It’s very easy. He climbs into a lot of his outfits, which surprises people when they see it. In terms of outfit choices, these and other creative decisions are made in collaboration with my photographer, Chantal Adair

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