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Man arrested for having sex on Las Vegas Ferris wheel killed in carjacking: Report

LVMP and Wikimedia

The man caught with a woman from Long Island allegedly having sex on a Ferris wheel in Las Vegas in February was killed in a fatal carjacking, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Philip Frank Panzica III, 27, of Houston was reportedly leaving a strip club where his bride-to-be works (It’s unclear what her job is) with his fiancee and two other men on Saturday when he was killed. According to the Houston Chronicle, as Panzica drove, one of the men told Panzica “You need to come clean,” and then shot him several times. The two men then dumped Panzica’s body and his fiance, and then drove off.

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The Chronicle isn’t clear about what relationship Panzica had with the two men who killed him and stole his car. The newspaper reports Bryant Christopher Watts, 28, and Aaron Jones, 31, are charged with capital murder, with Watts confessing to police he robbed and shot Panzica.

Panzica’s violent and dramatic death comes a mere month after he and Long Island native Chloe Scordianos were arrested for allegedly having sex on a Las Vegas Ferris wheel.

The pair were allegedly caught on the High Roller Ferris wheel performing various sex acts.The couple reportedly ignored several requests from those manning the wheel to stop smoking, quit their various sex acts and to put their clothes back on.

When police arrived both were handed a felony charge of committing sex acts in public.

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