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Man bites off ear in dispute over ex-girlfriend

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Police said a Brockton man allegedly bit off part of another man’s ear this past Saturday during a heated dispute over a woman.

The dispute occurred Saturday afternoon at 129 Melrose St., Enterprise News reported, adding that, when police arrived, they found a 38-year-old man missing some of his right ear.

Jose Luis Perreira, 36, claimed he bit the alleged victim’s ear in a defensive move after he was bitten on the finger, Enterprise News added.

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“Jose Perreira stated that his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend … was across the street. He went over to talk to him, and an argument and a physical altercation ensued,” Brockton police Lt. Kenneth LeGrice said to Enterprise News. “An eye for an eye, and I guess a bite for a bite.”

Police told the Boston Globe that the suspect threw the ear portion into the woods, and it has not yet been recovered.

Both men were treated, one for the ear and the other for the bitten finger, at the hospital, the Globe added.

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Police said in the Globe report that Perreira was arrested and is expected to be arraigned Monday, and charged with mayhem.

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