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Man shows off three testicles on Reddit

eggs One Reddit user boasted that he has three testicles.
Credit: Colourbox

What’s crazier: having two penises or three testicles? It’s a toss-up, but both phenomena exist — at least on Reddit.

In January, one user hosted an Ask Me Anything(AMA) about his diphallia, a rare condition that results in two penises. Now, there’s a new kid on the block, and he has three testicles.

Why did he wait this long to (quite literally) expose himself? User GardenofGandalf just turned 18 and apparently wanted to wait until he was legal before showing the good people of Reddit photos of his private parts. In case you’re skeptical, you can see the extremely NSFW photo here, but take it from us: We’re seeing triple.

GardenofGandalf said he plans to host an AMA on Tuesday, and stayed fairly mum on the details of his condition. Still, he did offer a few teases to the discussion.

One user asked the triple baller if they “get tangled up,” and GardenofGandalf said, “Honestly, kind of yes!”

Another curious commenter asked if the third testicle “works” and contributes extra sperm, to which GardenofGandalf confessed he did not know.

The user is also not concerned the third ball may be a tumor. He wrote on the thread, “Im 99% sure. Its hasnt grown or had any issues so i think im good.”

When another user begged him to see more photos, the original poster wrote that they would be pretty unremarkable: “It actually looks pretty normal unless i prop it against something.”

To which we say: Pics or it didn’t happen.

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