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Man sues Popeyes after choking on chicken

Popeyes, Myrtle Street in Bushwick
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“Carlos Danger” checked himself into a cybersex rehab, according to reports.

And in other sex scandals, Gawker settled with Hulk Hogan. Oh yeah, brother.

A man is filing a lawsuit against Popeyes becausehe wasn’t given a plastic knife causing him to chokeon chicken, hisattorney said.

Ever want to snuggle something cute all day long, but that pesky 9-to-5 gets in the way? You can live the dream if you ditch the paycheck and cuddle babies in this Pennsylvania hospital.

President Obama is less than pleased with the FBI director. “We don’t operate on incomplete information,” he said.

A black church was burned and while the cause is still unknown, “Vote Trump” was spray painted on the remains of the building.

Donald Trump’s childhood home is being sold for less than other homes in the neighborhood.

Hey Boston! If you’re going to drink on election night, make itsnazzy.

Thanks World Series. These shows, including “Criminal Minds” and “SVU”, have been pulled tonight.

Day of the Dead is being celebrated around the world.

There will be more trouble for Staten Island after two police cars were set on fire.

Phil Collins reflects on family and fame in this NPR article.

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