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Man with no penis may get one made from his arm

Man with no penis may get one made from his arm

40-year-old Andrew Wardel was born without a penis, but now doctors may be able to build one for him using pieces grafted from his arm.
Wardel’s journey, documented by TLC UK, is described by the network as “an astonishing, unique and poignant insight into the problems Andrew has faced throughout his life and the surprisingly positive outlook he holds because of it.”
He will reportedly undergo four operations to build “a fully working penis.”
“When I was a kid, [not having a penis] didn’t really bother me,” Wardell told People magazine. “I was good at hiding it. But I knew when I became a teenager it was going to be a big problem.”
A big problem indeed as Wardel told People his teenage years were essentially one giant drug and alcohol bender. “I thought I was going to end up dying from all the drugs,” he said.
Wardell, now in a three year long relationship, is looking forward to the future. He told People “I’m taking it one step at a time and not expecting anything.”
Best of luck, Andrew!
Watch a video detailing the beginnings of his journey below:

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