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Manuel loyal to the end

Some fault Charlie Manuel for being too loyal. So be it.

After 667 career wins and a World Series ring, he’s not changing.

So, when reporters asked Manuel if he had considered moving a slumping Ryan Howard out of the cleanup spot prior to Game 6, the Phils skipper seemed agitated.

“What am I going to do, call him in and say, ‘Ryan, I’m hitting you fifth or sixth [last night] because this is the sixth game of the World Series?,’ Manuel said. “If my manager did that to me, I’d have some words with him. I might win, too.”

Manuel sticks by his guys. However, he’s quick to point out that he does not do it because he cares about anyone’s feelings.

“I’m not a feelings guy,” Manuel said. “I can get on your ass just as easily as I can get on anybody’s.

I could care less about things like that when it comes to winning.”

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